James Brotchie

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Spending Non-Wallet Dogecoin Transactions

open source

29 January 2014

Example for using the dogecoind raw transaction JSON-RPC api to create and sign raw transactions without storing private keys in a wallet.

My favourite finance books


16 April 2013

I sent this list to a friend when he asked for a few "non mathematically hardcore" finance books to read.

Some thoughts on the downsides of GAI utility maximization and the possibility of non-self aware super intelligent AIs.

My grad school "software stack"


15 April 2013

I've slowly built up the set of software I use day-to-day during my PhD. Software all the way from versioning and backup, reference management, mobile journal reading, Vim and LaTeX, and note taking.

Reading the Economist...


15 April 2013

My knowledge of world affairs increased exponentially after I started reading The Economist, here's my thoughts for those who have never read it before.

Live MtGox BTC exchange rates in xmobar

open source

08 April 2013

I got sick of checking the MtGox website continuously for the BTCAUD exchange rate, hence xmobar-mtgox. A simple Python script to get last traded BTC rates from MtGox to xmobar.

Out-of-the-box, QuantLib's Python bindings do not support the full range of term structure interpolation methods. I show how you can include additional interpolations by modifying QuantLib's SWIG interface files.

A simple python __metaclass__ example


23 November 2009

Metaclasses seem to be an obscure, misunderstood area of Python’s object model. Here is a simple example that I’ve used to both understand and explain what metaclasses are, and how they can be used.